15 Stages in the lives of Pakistani Artists.

15 Stages in the lives of Pakistani Artists.

 1. You start out young- maybe as a toddler with a box of crayons, just like everyone else your age. The only difference is they draw occasionally. You draw almost all day and night and never stop. You prefer it to TV or reading or practically anything else.

2. Eventually, other kids slowly stop drawing. You wonder why and keep at it. Since just a handful of kids in your class draw now, you get showered with praise. You think you’re amazing. Everyone is so impressed with your art. Chances are you’ve been punished for doodling in class.

3. Nosy relatives begin to show concern for your doomed afterlife. You get told off by superstitious relatives. “Beta ankhein mat banao. Don’t draw living thing draw trees. God is angry you are imitating his creation.” As an impressionable child, you almost get scared off. But in your teens, you just roll your eyes at them.

Art By Komal Ashfaq

Art By Komal Ashfaq

4. Your mom always insists you add more clothing to the women you draw. As a child, you don’t get the big deal. As an adult, you get it but don’t really care.

5. Sudden leaps of improvement every year make you super excited.

6. You are SO into animated movies well into adulthood. Every time you watch them you keep yelling “MY GOD THIS IS ALL HAND DRAWN!!!” or “LOOK AT THAT ART DIRECTION!!” to your clueless friends who think you’re being a moron.

7You love drawing so much, you begin to wonder if you can make a living from it.

8. You join a few forums online for the first time. And for the first time you see your art isn’t actually all that good, and that there is a huge amount of competition among both digital and traditional artists. The competition alternately depresses and encourages you. You have days in which you think you’ll never be as good as others, and days you think you’ll surpass them all.

9. Your friends are lukewarm to your drawings. They say you are really talented and all- but for the most part they don’t really care about your hard work. Only other artists can tell the work that goes into something. Or the lack of work. They can also help you point out flaws you yourself would not have seen. This alternately depresses and encourages you too.

10. You become serious about a career in art. You wonder if you’ll be happy not going into something art-related. Hence, you consider art school for undergrad.

11. While you’re in art school, you often feel your instructors are cramping your style. And sometimes you feel they’re teaching you things you already know.

12. But when you graduate, you feel you are amazing again. You have been honed by the best teachers and the best competitors. YOU FEEL INVINCIBLE. For a while at least.

13. If you choose not to go to art school, you can’t help but feel slightly bitter in whatever other degree you pursue. But you don’t stop drawing anyway.

14. As you get older, you see more flaws in your drawing. So every drawing you post now has captions screaming things like “JUST FOR FUN. JUST A DOODLE. ONLY 15 MINUTES” so that people understand that this piece is not serious that’s why it’s all wrong.


Art By Komal Ashfaq

15. You sometimes feel bad for people who can’t draw. Because nobody can guess what a glorious feeling it is to be able to draw what you think and feel, and you are eternally thankful for the gift.


Featured Image is a collage of classroom doodles By the Uber creative Komal Ashfaq. You can check out her Amazing Artwork On her Facebook Pages: https://www.facebook.com/KomalsComics?ref=bookmarks, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Komalash-Artwork/579959388747389?ref=bookmarks

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