In Focus: BM Photography

In Focus: BM Photography



Basmah Masood

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
Elliott Erwitt 

Who doesn’t like to look beautiful in photos? Well, everybody does and this is exactly where good photographers come to play! Photographers are the people around us who make everything stunning. They have the ability to translate their perspective of beauty in a frame with just a click of the camera. Basmah Masood is no different. A sophomore at IBA, Basmah can easily be called an extremely talented budding photographer with a passion to capture beauty through her lens.

Her journey to encapsulate the dazzling moments into ever lasting memories started almost five years ago when her elder brother got a DSLR. Like any novice, she was fascinated by it too and it only took a single photography workshop to make her realize that photography was her muse.

Initially she took photography as a hobby, never thinking that she would ever be a full fledge photographer with projects lined up. Being someone who likes to document and take pictures of anything anywhere, she bought a camera and began clicking. It was only after showing the photos to her friends and family, who lauded her professionalism and loved her photos,  that she recognized her talent.

Since then she never looked back and is currently engaged in a  number of projects with clients like Chic’n’Kari, Weave, Dhanie, Tanaaz and other clothing and jewelry lines.

This artist has no particular photography style but she likes architectural photography and portraits. She has also forayed into baby bhotography and much to her surprise she is receiving a number of appointments for that too. Way to go Basmah!

One rule that Basmah lives by is that what gives a photo the right direction is proper framing and angling. There are an infinite number of things that cross a photographer’s mind while taking a picture and they want every click to be perfect. As she puts it, “you need to get that right!”

This amazing photographer can change things with a click of her camera, and her favorite part of being behind the camera is being in control, “you tell me, who doesn’t like being in control? I get to tell the camera what to do…… I love that I get to frame the picture and capture the beauty of whatever I’m capturing from my perspective.”

Her idea of a perfect shot is when people are not aware that their photo is being taken, that way they are more relaxed and in themselves. She likes the notion of being invisible for a day, to will allow herself to seize the expressions that are true and honest. We couldn’t agree with you more Basmah!

The IBA sophomore had been part of many events at IBA like Y.A.L.E and Pride and Prejudice, to name a few. She has worked as an Assistant Director of Photography and Photo blogger for many events but considers the Pride and Prejudice photo shoot as her best experience at IBA so far! Well, who didn’t loved Victorian inspired photo shoot?

However, this gorgeous soul is not all about photography. She likes music and has sung few covers with her friend. We surely believe that your voice will be as melodious as your amazing photography. She has acted in a play for Fringe called Aar ya Pyaar.  She believes that she is somewhat an all rounder and we definitely don’t deny that!

This photography enthusiast wants to own photography and make-up studio in the next five years where she can enhance other’s beauty and capture the best part about them. She also wishes to grab her camera and a backpack and travel the world, as it will allow her to experience and capture people and places that are worth watching!

Well, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors and that she keeps exuding creativity and leave you all with some of her amazing shots!



It depicts how one is hollow and transparent to people around who know them well.

knkj - Copy

Shahi Qila, Lahore

It’s a Picture of Emperor Aurangzeb (at the end if you look closely). A corridor that led to the emperors private chambers. I honestly just wanted to go back in time and wished to actually see the emperor walk by the corridors.


jjhhgygui - Copy

View from the Naulakha Pavilion, Shahi Qila – Lahore

Inside the Sheesh Mehal. Overlooking river Ravi, this window gave a beautiful feeling of how mesmerizing the Mehal looked through the fort’s windows.

mhfdfyui - Copy

Pain and Regret: A soul in pain and agony, hollow from inside, colorful from outside.

The mirror doesn’t reflect what’s in front of her, but rather what’s behind her- Got selected for the YALE photography competition last year, short listed in the top 10 entries.

sdasid - Copy

KKalam, Swat KPK

A beautiful shot showing the usual means of transportation for local villagers.

kasc - Copy

Seventy two year old, Sher Zaman Khan

His gorgeous eyes were as verdant as lush pastures and they revealed the story of his life. The numerous lines on his forehead showed what a hard life he had been living. With sweat dripping down this face and shaggy hair that hadn’t been combed in days, there was a strange expression on his face, an expression of endurance and content. He seemed happy and in peace with himself.

mjyt - Copy

Innocent on the street

A kid I found on the streets of Karachi. He saw me taking pictures so he stood there posing like this for so long and I didn’t even notice him until much later.


li - Copy

Peaks of Kalam

Captured this striking view from my room in Kalam. It’s the tallest peak of Swat. I remember the travel guide showed me the peak saying doesn’t this look like the mountain on your Toblerone chocolate?


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    the picture from Swat is breathtaking!

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