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Luxury of Faith

Luxury of faith

“I understood the luxury of faith when I was falling 10,000 feet from the sky.” I first started questioning organized religion at the tender age of 15, when I witnessed a goat being butchered as part of the ritualistic Eid sacrifice. I asked myself: what was the point of such barbarism? What satisfaction could the Almighty possibly get from the ... Read More »

Checklist 2014

Check list movies

Did you do all the right things in 2014? Do you think the year passed too quickly? Do you wish to get another chance at it?  No worries, here is a checklist for you to evaluate your year! We saw one movie after the other come out in the previous year. But only a few are worthy of a special ... Read More »

Life – A Gamble?

Life article

Life is the greatest of gifts, yet we do not know what our purpose is; why were we, out of all sentinel beings, chosen to live as the dominant species here on planet Earth? Why were we born in Pakistan, belonging to a particular ethnicity and not the other? Was it preplanned by a greater being or was it simply ... Read More »

IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

Dirty politics

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles It is not a revelation, nor has it just dawned upon me a few minutes ago. Soon after I came to IBA I realized that my creativity is not relevant even for the creative departments in most societies at IBA. I can list down many events that ... Read More »

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