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The One Change We Do Not Want


We’ve all heard of global warming, but how many of us are properly informed about climate change? Climate change takes place when long-term weather patterns shift. In the past, examples of this, such as the end of the ice age, were a result of tiny changes in the Earth’s orbit which would alter the amount of solar energy received by ... Read More »

Beat Baazi

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The buzz coming from Main Campus’s OBS Courtyard as soon as the sun set on the 22nd of November was an indication as obvious as the purple lights interwoven with the trees that something was going on. That something was Beat Baazi, a collaboration between the IBA Media and Communications Society and the Social Sciences Club, an evening of self-expression ... Read More »

Speaking of Stigma


Writing about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) reminds me of the kind of physical environment there used to be behind my school: the footpaths there were, and probably still are, home to heroin addicts. In the hidden crevices offered by electricity poles, they would share needles – one form of transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. ... Read More »

Sixty Seconds


Let’s talk about the ways you can break a woman. You can force her into a marriage she doesn’t want. It’s even better if she is just 14 years old, and her new husband is thrice her age. Or you can let your eyes wander over her body as she walks the streets of the city you’ve greedily claimed as ... Read More »

The Current and Former Unstoppables


Group stage action continues in the Champions League It’s the second to last spell of the group stages and the stakes are still pretty high. Most groups remain undecided and spots are still up for grabs. Every self-respecting footie lover should have seen the action live. But if not, don’t fret; we bring you two of the most exciting clashes. ... Read More »

Let’s Talk About Men’s Rights


I had never seen anyone else like her. The Earth was not vast enough to accommodate her beauty, and the way she walked…it was like she knew it. She trotted up to me and rubbed against my legs, circling them almost ritualistically. And like every single day, I bent down to my knees and gave my favorite little cat a ... Read More »

It’s Time We Start Giving A Shit!


For most of us at IBA, our toilet is not much more than an afterthought, despite being the first and last place to visit for many. However, this flush and forget mindset isn’t the norm for 94 million Pakistanis who live everyday without access to proper sanitation facilities. Not having adequate sanitary facilities leaves them with all but one option: ... Read More »

The Green Cap or the White Coat?


Growing up in a cricket-crazed country where the game is followed like a religion, I was no different. For as long as I can remember, I have always imagined myself in that green kit playing for Pakistan someday. This wild fantasy started to take the shape of a dream that I, without realizing, started to chase very seriously, especially after ... Read More »

A Walk after Dark

Acrich LED streetlights

A step. She crossed over from the safety of reality into a dreamscape. The world before her was cloaked and muffled by darkness. A blank and distant full moon was staring at the world from its perch, occasionally hiding behind the procession of clouds that marched across the night-sky. She turned her gaze first left, then right, as far as ... Read More »

A Conversation with Kami


‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hain’, a student-run NGO, conducted a session with trans activist, model and spokesperson Kami Sid on the 25th of October. The session was organized in collaboration with the Social Sciences Club and the Public Speaking Society, and was conducted in a conversational manner by Kami and NGO Founder Syeda Dua Fatima, who is currently enrolled in the ... Read More »

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