The Current and Former Unstoppables


Group stage action continues in the Champions League It’s the second to last spell of the group stages and the stakes are still pretty high. Most groups remain undecided and spots are still up for grabs. Every self-respecting footie lover should have seen the action live. But if not, don’t fret; we bring you two of the most exciting clashes. ... Read More »

The Green Cap or the White Coat?


Growing up in a cricket-crazed country where the game is followed like a religion, I was no different. For as long as I can remember, I have always imagined myself in that green kit playing for Pakistan someday. This wild fantasy started to take the shape of a dream that I, without realizing, started to chase very seriously, especially after ... Read More »

Real’s Very Real Humiliation

Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City - Premier League

It’s a jam packed Wembley Stadium on the evening of November 1st. The hosts, Tottenham Hotspur, are on their way to the field. The wounds are still fresh, as they go into this all important fixture having lost to Premier League second placers Manchester United over the past weekend. Now they face the Champions League defending champs Real Madrid – ... Read More »

The Fallen Hero


“The captain has these sparkling yet focused eyes as he comes into bowl. After he gets a wicket he stands there with arms in the air and a roar of accomplishment, just like a lion would after pouncing upon his prey.”  The aforementioned words were being said by me for my Oral and Presentation Skills class on metaphors many years ... Read More »

IBA Olympics Cricket Final

cropped team pic

As the sun set, the atmosphere started to intensify. All the non-seriousness of the soap soccer that was staged there a while back started to wash away.  If you didn’t get the feeling there was a final to be played, you sure as hell started to feel the storm coming now. Players started to arrive in two varying shades of ... Read More »

Salman Ameer: IBA’s Run Machine


At first glance, you will never mistake him for a cricketer. Mildly built, no sign of tanning on his fair face, hair neatly combed back, supports a stubble that looks better if left as it is and a very quiet demeanor in which he goes about things. Though, Salman Ameer is anything but quiet when he gets down to business ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Sir!


3rd June, 1966, the day this world witnessed the birth of a legend; a legend that brought a pendulum change in the dynamics of fast bowling. Yes, my friends! I’m taking about none other than the one and only, Wasim Akram. Wasim started cricket at a very tender age of just 16 in 1984 with the tour of New Zealand ... Read More »

Buck Up The Green In You


  You know what is stupid? Waking up early on Sundays to watch Pakistan fight it out down under. Scrolling through my newsfeed to find people upload their useless statuses commenting on who should play what or where. These people have not even perfected their cover drives yet self-knighted themselves to perfect everyone else’s. They got their 15 minutes of ... Read More »

Still Green


  Two games down and we are already putting the green shaded kit back into the suit case. Many might even have already made a mop out of it. For some reason we have already given up. I would like to differ. Its only 2 games down for the men in green shirts and we have already given up on ... Read More »

Clash Of The Titans


The two biggest names in boxing have been locked in prolonged talks, raising further doubts that the super fight could fall through at any time. Both men have finalized terms for the clash at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on 2nd May with the purse split 60-40 in favor of Mayweather. Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs ... Read More »

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