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A Walk after Dark

Acrich LED streetlights

A step. She crossed over from the safety of reality into a dreamscape. The world before her was cloaked and muffled by darkness. A blank and distant full moon was staring at the world from its perch, occasionally hiding behind the procession of clouds that marched across the night-sky. She turned her gaze first left, then right, as far as ... Read More »

Finding Grey


Any dictionary would give you very different meanings to the words ‘hypocrite’, ‘politically correct’ and ‘pragmatist’; however I feel these words are often used interchangeably in today’s world. I took a course last semester, it told a lot about how languages are formed and how they transform over time. Much like human beings they are living breathing creatures, much like ... Read More »



The universe in a constant state of flux. Everything is moving, changing, transforming; from the tiniest quark to the largest super cluster. There’s a sudden congestion, a momentary rather a bit persistent. That’s where my fear resides. Inside me, my very own body of which I was once proud off. I am expanding, layering, growing. Growing big, fat, obese. My ... Read More »

The Selfish Woes of a Woman


  ‘Look at me’, he orders. His eyes reflecting no light, completely dead. ‘LOOK AT ME!’ he bellows.   His hovering shadow, like the brooding clouds that veil the sullen nights. The same dark eyes that I know, are glaring down at my worthless frame. Making me sink, as I stare at the bright stain of spilled ink. Fascinating me, ... Read More »

The Sparrow


  The fire burnt, reflecting all shades of yellow and red, The flames dancing as if they’ll never be dead, Engulfing everything coming in its way, The fire roared, not ceasing to spread.   A couple of birds watched the scene from a tree, And as the fire neared, they planned to flee, Just as they were about to fly ... Read More »

A Blackboard


Know that recurring feeling of wanting to crawl in a hole and die? Multiply that by a hundred – no, a thousand times – and you’ll just begin to grasp what I’m going through every single day.  Mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blue, green, brown, all kinds of eyes gazing at me, scowling away. It was downright exhausting. To have people staring intently ... Read More »

The Next Apology


  As a male writing this article, perhaps I should start this properly. I should apologize and be hateful of myself as I read through a few things. For those in doubt: no this is not self-pity and this is definitely not sarcasm. Every note, every word and every expression here looks as if I am making this about myself ... Read More »

Gynecomastia and A Maddened Siren Song on a Rainy Night


Gynecomastia, they scribble down in the medical report – the sole clinic in town – Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, on sheets of paper. ‘Your son’s got this’, Dr. Dilbar and assistant tell Zeena, my mother, ‘a disorder, you see.’ Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, them, scribbling down. I can scarce pronounce it, Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, but perhaps it is apt, that this swell should be as inscrutable, disorderly as ... Read More »

Every Gadget’s Got A Story


My thoughts drifted aimlessly as I lay in the crate, the vibrations of the moving truck flipping me around every now and then. My screen had innumerable scratches on it and some of the buttons on my keypad were actually missing. And the ones that still remained didn’t have the printed digits on them anymore. Yes, I looked like crap. ... Read More »

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