From Creepy to Cute: Kinza and Aimen’s Truck Art Fetish!
The before and After post!

From Creepy to Cute: Kinza and Aimen’s Truck Art Fetish!

Aimen’s mom got a rugged, almost ghostly looking mirror from Karachi’s beloved, Saddar market. It was a tad eerie, ( Oh who am I kidding? it was downright creepy.), to be hung on a wall as a rugged abstract Wall Piece.


kinza truck art

That’s when Aimen thought that my presence in her life could finally prove fruitful.

I wanted it to be colorfully painted, I would love to do truck art on it myself, but then I remembered that I can’t paint to save my life — Aimen

Hence, she gave the mirror to me and asked to paint Truck Art inspired motifs on it. It’s not just her who has a fetish for truck art, I too have always been dazzled by it’s kaleidoscope nature, and it’s local origins make it all the more dear.


Not having been in practice for quite some time now, I got down to paint rather lazily, struggled with dried paint on old paintbrushes and collected every acrylic paint tube I could find in my store room while mumbling to myself how I could’ve spent another winter break morning just doing nothing.

Anyway, I got in the mood soon. The motifs didn’t stay wholly truck art inspired since I added bits of ralli print designs on the right hand side plank, and I added spirals in the centre piece at the end because I wanted to get it done quickly. Despite all this, the end product turned out to look quite pretty, ready to adorn the wall in Aimen’s room.

The before and After post!

The before and After post!


(Photography Courtesy Aimen Nadeem)

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