IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles

It is not a revelation, nor has it just dawned upon me a few minutes ago. Soon after I came to IBA I realized that my creativity is not relevant even for the creative departments in most societies at IBA.

I can list down many events that I personally participated in as a member of the creative department. I know it for a fact that I was never chosen because of my talent. What had the greatest role in it was which political group I supported from the student body or the way I looked. Since I did not support anyone in particular,I’d say being pretty worked out well for me.

After a year at IBA, I now have friends participating in politics and am categorized as “one of them.” By that I mean, my work is not even considered, my potential unimportant and my efforts forgotten for people my friends did not contest with. What I now see is posts being handed over to people just because of their underlying political motives. Within each society, there are further divisions which not only compromise the focus of the societies, but compromise the creativity and imagination that is a must for IBA events to improve. Their interests in general are for them to be able to contest in the next elections and claim to have done something, as well as sabotage the efforts of their competitors. What they fail to see is the bigger picture here. What we deliver to the public does not only carry our name but of our institute as well. IBA has provided a platform to us through these societies for a reason. The reason is not to abuse them but to let the talent of the students flourish.

I do not wish to avenge whatever injustices have been done already. I am writing this only to be able to express my grievances and those of many others who have lost the motivation and vigor to work for IBA events. This piece of writing is an appeal to the office bearers to provide everyone equal opportunities and to work not for their personal benefits but for the improvement of IBA events in general.

(Disclaimer: This article is reflective of the author’s personal opinions. They do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of SUBLOG.)

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This author prefers to remain anonymous. You never know when you might get in trouble for freedom of speech.
  • rafayshaukat

    Completely agreed!

  • deadrevenge69

    A truth everyone acknowledges yet few dare to speak up !

  • Eesha Abbasi

    Couldn’t agree more! And while we are at it…why the craze for events? Why not invest our energies in more long lasting projects?

  • Komal Asim

    Politics <3


    I don’t know why IBIANS make this the ultimate goal of their life to be the governing member of the society. This is only a platform to flourish their talent and polish their abilities otherwise it won’t help them in their career if they haven’t gain the experience and just got the post in the society. In practical life everybody will only want to know what’s inside you rather than the events you have conducted.

  • Lelouch

    This is extremely true. I agree with this thing too. I dont know why this is a problem.
    And yeah wise decision to remain anonymous.

  • KillMeJoBaatHyYehiBaatHyLame

    You just described what most people at IBA think and never say. Couldn’t agree more! But to be fair most people who are creative are not stepping up which leads to others with political motives getting the posts instead. Moreover, these politically involved people are much more motivated than other talented people. Just saying that you should consider every aspect of the struggle…

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