Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi
Today, I touched the Arabian waters.

Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi


My journey to Pakistan is a rather…special one. After 1 year of trying (due to certain circumstances) I finally set foot in Karachi on the morning of January 7th 2016. My stay here has not been very long but I feel as though this city, Karachi, has already grown on me. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; a very crowded and busy metropolitan city. To continue my studies, 5 years ago I moved to Melbourne, Australia – another big city yet not as crowded as Jakarta is. It is quite obvious that I am very accustomed to the fast paced city life. However, I have been moving around from one country to another and have not found a place that completely excites me. I figured this is due to my affinity for two things: culture and history.

I have been longing to experience a place that is laden with culture, where traditions and history penetrate through the dynamic of the society. That is Karachi for me: A city where culture, religion, and history have meshed together and formed its own beautiful paradigm. This place may be very different to Jakarta or Melbourne, but if asked whether I had any culture shock, my answer would be a no. I am, so far, completely comfortable with my everyday life here. The food is amazing, chai is completely addictive and better than what I have tried in other places before (obviously), people are incredibly warm and not to mention beautiful! Coming from South East Asia, a conservative culture with emphasis on subtlety is nothing new for me, but here it’s almost a whole different art form. The beauty of simple everyday greetings and even verbal gestures has its own charm. One of the first things I noticed when I landed here in Karachi is how colorful and vibrant the city is; from the colorful Kurtas of the ladies in the streets, to paintings on the street, the buses, cars and even buildings. In my 2 week stay I can conclude that I find the presence of art in everything I see and experience and it is absolutely beautiful. I have 4 more weeks more in the city and I cannot wait to immerse myself in this beautiful culture and absorb more and more of it.


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Flory Anggi Paulina: Wants to marry a New Zealander but have Pakistani babies. A traveler – not a tourist, mind you – Flory is a student of Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. She’s in Karachi for AIESEC in IBA’s Project ‘Haq-Protecting Your Rights’, which is a project on women empowerment.



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