Janoobi Khargosh

Janoobi Khargosh

Normally I refuse to stray from what some people call ‘safe music’. So I rarely listen to Indie rock, and by rarely I mean never. But then one fine morning (3:00 am to be exact) I found a little something called “Janoobi Khargosh” (Literally translated from Urdu, it means Southern RabbitDo follow them). During random, mindless scrolling sessions on Facebook I came across a recommendation for their Facebook page. It was liked by only a couple of my most hipster-esque friends who I knew had good taste. So I strayed forth into the unknown realm of the Khargosh ( too dramatic?), like all good things in life, this addiction of mine began with one click on a really attractive looking hypertext (CS student fetishes) https://soundcloud.com/janoobi-khargosh


Waleed Ahmed – the man behind Janoobi Khargosh

Now I have never done any drugs, but this is what I Imagine one would feel like when under the influence. One of the tags they used was ‘psychedelic indie’, and being overly attracted to fancy words I looked it up on Google. It came back with the meaning,  “relating to or denoting drugs (especially LSD) that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness”. Then it hit me, the word psychedelic is perfect for describing Janoobi Khargosh’s music. One thing I particularly like about this bunny is that its songs have rather simple lyrics, that may or may not have a deeper meaning. You could find the meaning within if you want but I guess that is totally upto you. The music is what makes Janoobi Khargosh unique and gives you a peculiar feeling.

Pagal Hogaya makes you feel like you’re a blindfolded man (or woman) running buck naked in the middle of a crowded street. But I guess this is what all their songs are like.

Char Panch Chai  is another one of their songs I like, which makes makes you feel like you are lost in a purple cloud of smoke , dwelling somewhere in your fantasy world, as far away from reality as possible.

Tashtari makes you feeling like you’re going on some space odyssey, as if you’re out there, lost somewhere in the vast depths of space. Although, it does sound like a cat (or two) died somewhere there I guess that’s just the LSD kicking in.

Anyhow I would highly recommend you go to their Soundcloud channel and check the whole album Billi Khamba aur Uran Tashtari  its pretty freakin-fantastic (My boss says I can’t swear).

I can go on and on about where this band came from and who is the lead vocalist and yada yada yada but that would defeat the purpose of this post since Dawn already did a pretty decent piece on them not too long ago. Do check it out here.

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