Life – A Gamble?

Life – A Gamble?

Life is the greatest of gifts, yet we do not know what our purpose is; why were we, out of all sentinel beings, chosen to live as the dominant species here on planet Earth? Why were we born in Pakistan, belonging to a particular ethnicity and not the other? Was it preplanned by a greater being or was it simply out of chance?

Looking at things from a scientific perspective, the notion tends to skew towards the latter. We have been told that there was an explosion billions of years ago which eventually transformed into everything we see around us today. While that may or may not be plausible, it still fails to explain whether our experiences are all a gamble or if God has a greater plan for us. As is evident, the question posed is unanswerable in literal terms, so I’ll let my own experiences define my stance.

I believe that life is both composed of chances as well as fate. It may sound confusing at first, so let me elaborate. During the late 2011s, I met someone who changed my life in a huge way. I saw her at a friend’s party talking to her friends, which is when I knew I had a connection with her. There was something about her that drew me towards her, so I put all my reservations aside and approached her. We started talking and it turned out we were one in the same person, sharing the same hobbies as well as the same lifestyle. She changed me into a better man; an adult, if you will. Being with her and bidding her farewell was one of the major watershed moments of my life, giving me a new perspective on things.

With this example, two things may be derived. Our looking at each other at that party at the exact same time wasn’t something I would leave to chance. However, if I hadn’t acted on that chance, if I hadn’t approached her, I would have written my own fate. In some ways, it was me who was writing my own destiny, but in others, it was God who had planned it for me. It is up to me if I can grasp the opportunities that life throws at me, to follow the destiny that God has written for me.

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  • Ayesha Hussain

    Such a crooked debate for a lifetime put with such simplicity and clarity! Amazing! (Y)

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