Lord Y.A.L.E. (He Who Must Be Named)

Lord Y.A.L.E. (He Who Must Be Named)

You must have seen him around campus. With a contagiously impish grin  on his face, elfish ears, flaunting his leather bag. He stops after every few steps as he walks, to wave at or chat with a friend, but mostly to gorge on someone else’s food. Amidst a crowd of people who have an insatiable hunger for power, who want to be seen, heard, and applauded for the most trifling achievements, Shahzeb Younas stands out as someone who pays little or no heed to the fleeting sense of popularity people reap out of IBA events. He is a blogger,a photographer, and a traveler. He is, the guy behind Y.A.L.E.

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Meet Shahzeb Younas. The man behind Y.A.L.E.

His brainchild, Youth Arts and Literary Exhibition, which took off last year and bedazzled everyone with its plethora of  cultural and artsy activities, is just around the corner, ready to hit its second year mark. Having been a part of it myself last year as well, I am beyond excited!
Why? Because it has a galore of activities ranging from art exhibitions to theater performances, slam poetry and instagram competition? A night full of Sufi folklore? Two days of celebration, a Sunday and public holiday well-spent with friends and family? Well, of course, all of this counts. But most importantly, I’m excited to see how the second version of Y.A.L.E unfolds; how Shahzeb’s enthusiasm mirrors itself on everyone else, and how his ideas take physical form.
Its been two months of hard work on the host teams’s part, but the last few weeks have been increasingly demanding and challenging. Deadlines had to be met, emails to be sent, linkages to be made, sponsors to be arranged, tantrums to be handled. I, for one, would have found it extremely overwhelming and stressful, had I been overlooking almost every department. But never have I seen Shahzeb whine about any of it, never have I seen him complain. He’ll still meet you with a pleasant smile, and an unshakable calmness about him which is hard to find in most people.
When I thought about writing about my Y.A.L.E. experience, I didn’t think I could say anything without making this person the subject of my writing. I write as someone who has looked up to Shahzeb ever since I’ve known him. I write as a freshman who worked as his Assistant Director in my first year at Enigma. Every write-up from my side was cheerfully accepted and whole-heartedly praised. I write as the girl whose painting was misplaced at last year’s exhibition, and who was compensated with an adorable apology letter, a souvenir from Paris and huge box full of stationery. I write as a friend who jealously admires his spark of freedom, his knack for living life, and sincerely wishes to see all his dreams of free-spirited adventures come true.
P.S. Do attend Y.A.L.E! :D
P.P.S. All the pictures were shamelessly taken off Shahzeb’s Facebook timeline.
Y.A.L.E. 2015 is taking place at the Alliance Francaise, Clifton, Karachi On 22nd and 23rd of March. Visit the Website and Facebook Page for more details: http://yale.pk/ https://www.facebook.com/pakistan.yale
(SUBLOG wishes Y.A.L.E. and Shahzeb the very best of luck! We love everything about art and literature, so keep doing what you’re doing. Can’t wait to see what magic this year will bring. Peace.)

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