Cover Story of the Month
  • The One Change We Do Not Want

    The One Change We Do Not Want

    We’ve all heard of global warming, but how many of us are properly informed about climate change? Cl...

  • Beat Baazi

    Beat Baazi

    The buzz coming from Main Campus’s OBS Courtyard as soon as the sun set on the 22nd of November was ...

  • How to Arrange a Rishta

    How to Arrange a Rishta

    Do you remember your initiation day? Every woman’s experience has its nuances. Some were told to set...

  • Speaking of Stigma

    Speaking of Stigma

    Writing about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) reminds me of the kind of physical environm...

  • Sixty Seconds

    Sixty Seconds

    Let’s talk about the ways you can break a woman. You can force her into a marriage she doesn’t want....

The Green Cap or the White Coat?


Growing up in a cricket-crazed country where the game is followed like a religion, I was no different. For as long as I can remember, I have always imagined myself in that green kit playing for Pakistan someday. This wild fantasy started to take the shape of a dream that I, without realizing, started to chase very seriously, especially after ... Read More »

A Walk after Dark

Acrich LED streetlights

A step. She crossed over from the safety of reality into a dreamscape. The world before her was cloaked and muffled by darkness. A blank and distant full moon was staring at the world from its perch, occasionally hiding behind the procession of clouds that marched across the night-sky. She turned her gaze first left, then right, as far as ... Read More »

A Conversation with Kami


‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hain’, a student-run NGO, conducted a session with trans activist, model and spokesperson Kami Sid on the 25th of October. The session was organized in collaboration with the Social Sciences Club and the Public Speaking Society, and was conducted in a conversational manner by Kami and NGO Founder Syeda Dua Fatima, who is currently enrolled in the ... Read More »

Real’s Very Real Humiliation

Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City - Premier League

It’s a jam packed Wembley Stadium on the evening of November 1st. The hosts, Tottenham Hotspur, are on their way to the field. The wounds are still fresh, as they go into this all important fixture having lost to Premier League second placers Manchester United over the past weekend. Now they face the Champions League defending champs Real Madrid – ... Read More »

BoJack Horseman: A Review for the Cynical Millenial


At some point in our lives, we have all felt like we are truly alone. Like everyone has abandoned us, like we’ll never fit in, and like our lives have ended before they ever even truly began. One show that personifies every bit of negativity brimming inside us into its title character is BoJack Horseman. A brown horse, the washed ... Read More »

LitSoc: Open Mic Night


White sheets were spread on the grass, fairy lights draped over the trees and the mic handed over to LitSoc Manager Fizza Sangi so she could officially launch the society’s first Open Mic of the year. The courtyard filled up in a matter of minutes and the whispers quickly subsided in anticipation of an evening filled with lights, music and ... Read More »

The Grand Launch: A Trashy Affair

Looking for an adventure- (1) 2

“Did we make this mess?” My classmate, who had attended the IBA Marketing Club’s Grand Launch the night before, sounded surprised. I started, having been caught staring out the classroom window, a not uncommon occurrence in Tabba’s north wing early in the morning. You see, the windows there look down upon the lush green football field - sparkling in dew, ... Read More »

Chai Khaana: The One with the ISC


Debates and discussions are the hallmark of intellectual growth and understanding between people. This was the idea that the Social Sciences Club kept alive in its inaugural event of the academic term: Chai Khaana – The One with the ISC. The IBA Student Council was invited to the Alumni Student Centre for tea, refreshments, and a discussion about the promises ... Read More »

Rant No. 1001: Pakistani Weddings


I’m a heterogenous mixture of sixty percent introvert and forty percent extrovert. That means I’m moody when it comes to interacting with people. At weddings, it’s my sixty percent that takes control. Consequently, I avoid socializing with people I don’t really know (or want to know) more often than not. So, imagine my horror, when suddenly almost everyone I meet ... Read More »

From Safoora Goth to University Road

usra 1

Citizens have repeatedly highlighted the Safora Goth to University road as a problem that needs to be urgently solved. Alamgir Khan’s infamous #FixIt campaign drew stencils of Qaim Ali Shah, the former CM Sindh to seal the gutters with manholes and remove heaps of garbage. His campaign eventually was killed. Recently Mubashir Ali Zaidi, an Urdu writer and journalist dedicated ... Read More »

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