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  • The One Change We Do Not Want

    The One Change We Do Not Want

    We’ve all heard of global warming, but how many of us are properly informed about climate change? Cl...

  • Beat Baazi

    Beat Baazi

    The buzz coming from Main Campus’s OBS Courtyard as soon as the sun set on the 22nd of November was ...

  • How to Arrange a Rishta

    How to Arrange a Rishta

    Do you remember your initiation day? Every woman’s experience has its nuances. Some were told to set...

  • Speaking of Stigma

    Speaking of Stigma

    Writing about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) reminds me of the kind of physical environm...

  • Sixty Seconds

    Sixty Seconds

    Let’s talk about the ways you can break a woman. You can force her into a marriage she doesn’t want....

The Curious Incident of the Bazaar in the Night Time


When you first enter Thursday Bazaar, you stumble upon the uneven ground. The chorus of cumin, turmeric, chili powder mixes with the sights of sprigs of coriander in calloused hands, blue and white flowers on a dupatta, battered old books, and banana leaves in empty crates. The bazaar lives through its rhythm of cacophonous disorder. Pressed into the ground are ... Read More »

Traveling to Pakistan

Nathiagali, where the mountains echoed

I recently got the opportunity to travel somewhere I never thought of going to. Shaped controversially by the media, I was quite hesitant to jump into a country I never experienced. Fear often places two hands over our eyes and blinds us from hidden opportunities. Before traveling, fear kept replaying the frightful imagery and headlines I’d consumed through international media. As ... Read More »

Trump, Clinton & The Media: 7 Underrated Quotes From US Elections 2016


The US Elections 2016 have drawn to a dystopian climax, and everyone’s newsfeed is overflowing with sentiments ranging from disbelief, suicide, and maniacal mirth. In other completely unrelated news: the Canadian immigration website has reportedly crashed for some reason. This leads us here in Pakistan to an interesting retrospective view of these past months. The media’s version of the US ... Read More »

The Fallen Hero


“The captain has these sparkling yet focused eyes as he comes into bowl. After he gets a wicket he stands there with arms in the air and a roar of accomplishment, just like a lion would after pouncing upon his prey.”  The aforementioned words were being said by me for my Oral and Presentation Skills class on metaphors many years ... Read More »

Finding Grey


Any dictionary would give you very different meanings to the words ‘hypocrite’, ‘politically correct’ and ‘pragmatist’; however I feel these words are often used interchangeably in today’s world. I took a course last semester, it told a lot about how languages are formed and how they transform over time. Much like human beings they are living breathing creatures, much like ... Read More »

Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi

Today, I touched the Arabian waters.

  My journey to Pakistan is a rather…special one. After 1 year of trying (due to certain circumstances) I finally set foot in Karachi on the morning of January 7th 2016. My stay here has not been very long but I feel as though this city, Karachi, has already grown on me. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; ... Read More »

THE ASCETIC PARADOX – Pure Sri Lankan Metal

Album art.
Image taken from

  “The forsaken die for salvation While the chosen reign on their thrones When will I learn? When my soul burns?” -  - An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop (Track 2) ‘The Ascetic Paradox’ is the 4th full-length album to be released by Sri Lankan Heavy Metal giants ‘STIGMATA’. The band made their emergence in the early 2000’s and ... Read More »



The universe in a constant state of flux. Everything is moving, changing, transforming; from the tiniest quark to the largest super cluster. There’s a sudden congestion, a momentary rather a bit persistent. That’s where my fear resides. Inside me, my very own body of which I was once proud off. I am expanding, layering, growing. Growing big, fat, obese. My ... Read More »

The Selfish Woes of a Woman


  ‘Look at me’, he orders. His eyes reflecting no light, completely dead. ‘LOOK AT ME!’ he bellows.   His hovering shadow, like the brooding clouds that veil the sullen nights. The same dark eyes that I know, are glaring down at my worthless frame. Making me sink, as I stare at the bright stain of spilled ink. Fascinating me, ... Read More »

A Day in the Patriarchal Republic of Pakistan


  Disclaimer: What follows is about a man and a woman alone in a vehicle: are you sure you want to read further? The heavy clouds of grey smoke are not enough to shield me from the piercing eyes of the rickshaw driver. No- he is not a Pathan, or a Sindhi, or whatever ethnicity you are prejudiced against. His ... Read More »

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