Cover Story of the Month
  • The One Change We Do Not Want

    The One Change We Do Not Want

    We’ve all heard of global warming, but how many of us are properly informed about climate change? Cl...

  • Beat Baazi

    Beat Baazi

    The buzz coming from Main Campus’s OBS Courtyard as soon as the sun set on the 22nd of November was ...

  • How to Arrange a Rishta

    How to Arrange a Rishta

    Do you remember your initiation day? Every woman’s experience has its nuances. Some were told to set...

  • Speaking of Stigma

    Speaking of Stigma

    Writing about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) reminds me of the kind of physical environm...

  • Sixty Seconds

    Sixty Seconds

    Let’s talk about the ways you can break a woman. You can force her into a marriage she doesn’t want....

What The World Looks Like When You’re High

sad rectangle

There was once a shape called Rectangle. She was quite disliked by the other shapes that made up her community, namely, the Squares, the Equilateral Triangles and the Circles. Now, these shapes all lived together as families, so the Squares lived in one area of Shapetown, the Circles in another, and so on. Rectangle, however, did not have a family. ... Read More »

Alone at the Movies: “Moor” (2015)

moor 1

(Caution: Spoilers Ahead!) My story is one of confusion, an eternally ambiguous tale about the events of my life and how they cumulated into making me a man desperate for change. To cast further light on this and explain these numerous events would make for an interesting read but would prove diverging from the main point of this article. The ... Read More »

Short Story Competition – Winning Entry!

sad swing

Rain and Sorrows Of Death   I wonder why the scene outside is bewitching me. It is pulling me towards it – calling as if it wants me to bond with it…. Feels like it is sharing my emotions and trying to sort all the misery of this existence. Call it a mutual sentiment that is dragging me to the other side ... Read More »

IBA Olympics Cricket Final

cropped team pic

As the sun set, the atmosphere started to intensify. All the non-seriousness of the soap soccer that was staged there a while back started to wash away.  If you didn’t get the feeling there was a final to be played, you sure as hell started to feel the storm coming now. Players started to arrive in two varying shades of ... Read More »


As the world spins on its axis, Pakistan is tilted but still very much in existence. When the assemblies are dismissed, no-one pauses for even a millisecond to take a deeper breath.

The fault, 2013 arrives with booms and bangs and for once the country does not shudder and shake in their midst. These are fireworks, not bombs – and we have to curl our fingers inwards and press our fists tight against our ears to stop the end of this trail of thought, though the words manage to escape anyway – ... Read More »

Salman Ameer: IBA’s Run Machine


At first glance, you will never mistake him for a cricketer. Mildly built, no sign of tanning on his fair face, hair neatly combed back, supports a stubble that looks better if left as it is and a very quiet demeanor in which he goes about things. Though, Salman Ameer is anything but quiet when he gets down to business ... Read More »

The Taxi Driver (Short Story)


It was just a normal day in the monotonous life of a taxi driver. People came, people left. But as the day ended, I remained where I was the day before, with only some measly earnings to show for all my work. For us drivers, the only salvation of the day was when we gathered at a cheap café just ... Read More »


Angel and devil on shoulder

I once had a teacher who said that ethics can never be taught. Ethics originate from within a person, and, thus, he shunned the character building classes we used to have. In a way he was right. In the humdrum of existence, we occasionally fall prey to losing touch with the essential qualities, which make us humans stand out from ... Read More »

Sara Akbar -Turkey


  Travelling makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are, and how big the world is. So just explore, set yourself free, fight with your fears, make new friends across the globe, watch sunsets with your loved ones and learn the secrets of life. Summer 2015, my first solo trip to Turkey through AIESEC gave me a chance ... Read More »

Zhan Zeyu In Karachi!


Week 2 in Karachi, we went to the NGO (DAR-UL-SUKUN), for differently-abled kids, to help the kids do some “exercise”. I have put the word exercise in inverted commas because it’s quite different from what you would expect; this “exercise” is different in the sense that we simply help the kids stretch their arms and legs, hoping that these simple ... Read More »

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