Poetry: 50 Shades Of…..Never mind.

Poetry: 50 Shades Of…..Never mind.

She’s surprised
The Internet broke
Over black or white

But doesn’t know
This isn’t really
a recent fight

It goes back
Way back
To the day in history
When the colour of your face
Could mean life long misery

When buses had aisles
For the light and the dark
When daddy would take his li’l boys
To see a lynching in the park.

So the next time you say
When did colour divide
Open up a history book
And read what’s inside

And if you’re not the reading type
Feel books are a chore
All you have to do is
watch the Oscars once more.

This poetry piece was penned by IBA’s talented slam poet Ilsa Rashid. You can enjoy more of her written word on her facebook Page:


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