Salman Ameer: IBA’s Run Machine

Salman Ameer: IBA’s Run Machine

At first glance, you will never mistake him for a cricketer. Mildly built, no sign of tanning on his fair face, hair neatly combed back, supports a stubble that looks better if left as it is and a very quiet demeanor in which he goes about things. Though, Salman Ameer is anything but quiet when he gets down to business between the 22 yards.

The incumbent IBA Cricket Team opening batsman has a very sound technique that gives great pleasure in watching him bat. His trademark shot, apart from his powerful cover drives, is his elegant flicks over square leg and mid-wicket. It’s a treat to watch him ease in to a slog on the spinners when the need arises. One thing that separates him from the rest is the way he can quickly switch the tempo of his innings based on the team’s requirements. That being said, his appetite for scoring big seizes to diminish. As an opener, he is seldom found walking back to the pavilion after a few overs. Rather, he is most often found batting till the death overs and that speaks volumes of his emergence as an anchor-role player in recent times for IBA.

You might think he got lucky, or maybe there aren’t a lot other good openers around, but this person has made it big all his life. He started playing hardball cricket at the age of 15 and in 2008 he toured Bangladesh and Malaysia representing his school cricket team.  He was also the captain for his respective school team in which they won 29 of the 30 matches played.  That same year he was declared the best batsman in 3 high profiled tournaments. 2013 was a year of accolades for him as his respective school awarded him as the player of the year as well.

Apart from his successes at the school level, he has also played cricket at the under-17 inter zonal and under-19 PCB inter district level. Both are the pinnacle of a cricketer’s caliber at age level cricket in Karachi.

His recent string of scores suggests that he is marked for even brighter things. His last nine matches have been exceptional this past year. Salman has managed to score a whopping 8 fifties in his last 9 matches. 6 of them coming for the official IBA side at crucial times in tournaments involving top teams of Karachi. 2 of them were compiled quite elegantly in the ongoing IBA Cricket Olympics for his department side Eco.Maths and Social Sciences cricket team. His scores for the past 9 innings are 87,68,60,66,50,26,82,72,73 making his current batting average 56.77 per innings. That is more than remarkable for an opening batsman in T20s.

We wish Salman the very best for the upcoming season and hope to see him bring more victories for IBA cricket team and also justify his talent at an even bigger level.

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