Still Green

Still Green


Two games down and we are already putting the green shaded kit back into the suit case. Many might even have already made a mop out of it. For some reason we have already given up. I would like to differ.

Its only 2 games down for the men in green shirts and we have already given up on them. Giving up is a small thing, we have literally stopped believing in them. Although they are not the best we had in our entire cricket history but they really are representing us. All one can see is how the social media goes berserk after a loss. This is simply outrageous.

There is this thing about cricket. As many would like to say “It’s a day’s game”. It shows how a day could entirely change the setup of not just a single team but even a tournament. Call me a “Similarity Hunter” all you want but yes i am going to relate this back to 1992 Benson and Hedges World Cup.


We all remember how Pakistan went down in ’92 and all hopes were lost. But then, nature came into play. A washed-out game against England gave Pakistan that forever cherishing game that just got them into the knockout stage. Call it luck, call it belief, the team never gave up. They kept trying and giving out their best, they were favored by nature. We all know how green flags were up on 25th March as Men in Green made history.

Now I am not saying it is going to be the same as ’92 but all I am trying to put forward is that no matter what happens that glowing green kit is still representing us. It is still us they are fighting for. Favorable results or not it is an army of eleven one has to support and you don’t need a reason for it. If it’s still there on the hanger in your closet, take it out, wear it one more time and have the faith in them. They might have let us down but we all know what Pakistan is really known for. Unpredictability. We might just bounce back and you never know, the not so popular “#Repeat92″ just might be true. I know what I will be doing on 1st of March, I sure hope so. “Mere Mulk, Meri Team”.

If you read this, believe in green.

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