Strings Concert MUNIK VI -The winter night that sizzled!
The Magic, Madness, and the Music! Oh, my Strings!-MUNIK Concert

Strings Concert MUNIK VI -The winter night that sizzled!

“Aaaaachoooo…” Damn this sinus infection, why could it not have chosen another day other than today? Here I am supposed to be all geared up for Strings, but instead I am popping anti allergies, and generally being miserable. “I am gonna end up sleeping on my way to the concert. Oh yes…” Never did I have the slightest idea that It would turn out to be one of those nights you want to relive over and over again.

As soon as I descended from the bus and into the open, I was taken aback by the whoosh of chilly winter breeze that surrounded Beach Luxury Hotel that night. The chill of the night didn’t deter potential “Poondi” parties from trying to heat up the night. I confess, I may have been … distracted, for a while too, but my focus shifted to the stage when Coldplay started blaring. Then I heard Mr.Raza Ayub; Godfather(read: President) of this glorious event that was MUNIK VI. It was a video montage of all that had happened throughout the conference, which happened to provide the necessary kick to start off the concert. The best part of the whole concert was that we did not have to wait much.

To my surprise, the concert took off at around 9.30 when Bilal Maqsood made an appearance and made me, and all them other girls dropped their jaws like, “WHAAAA”. To tell you fellows, his age and attractiveness are directly proportional; the older he gets, the more attractive he becomes.


Strings Band Perform at the Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi as the final event for MUNIK VI

Next up, totally pulling off the blackleather jacket look appeared Faisal Kapadia and the crowd went even crazier. The concert took its full swing as he began with “Najanay Kyun…” The highlight of the concert was that behind these studs was a huge screen which played the videos of the songs they were singing at that moment onstage.

Faisal Kapadia turns up the Heat!

Faisal Kapadia turns up the Heat!

Since I was friends with the management team members (winks at Rimsha Farooq), I got to stand right at the front where I could witness perhaps the craziest drummer ever (after Gumby ofcourse). Talk about LEGEND-waitforit-DARY. The tunes went up and down, and finally it came to the point where Bilal Maqsood went “Dekha tujhay tou hua, hua mein deewana…” I swear I lost my wits there not only because that is one of my favorite songs, but also because Strings damn right knew how to engage the crowd.

The cherry on top of the concert was when we turned around and saw who was passing by; It was ANWAR MAQSOOD. Yes, the legend himself was there witnessing as an audience his son perform, and the anticipation was so high that it made Faisal forget a part of Zinda, and it wasn’t until Anwar Maqsood (who happens to be lyricist of most of Strings’ songs) recited to Faisal what the verse was that they got back on track!

Strings rock the socks off the audience!

Strings rock the socks off the audience!

From Dhaani, to Duuur, to Titiliyan, to the ultimate Sarkiye Pahaaar, every soul in that audience was lost,  mesmerized by what was on display in that moment. I too, along with my mates who happen to be die-hard fans of Strings (Hey there! Ilsa & Hammad), savored every moment of the melody, the magic, and the madness there was to witness.

The concert concluded on the note of making Pakistan a better place, and that we will someday see a better state of Pakistan, which obviously made the relevant mood for Ab khud kuch karna pareyga and “Mein bhi dekhoonga” .

The last song on their playlist hinted of the rather near future, sometime around 14th February. Nope, not Valentine’s Day, I’m talking about the CRICKET WORLDCUP ’15 here folks! That’s right, their last song was “Ay yo ay yo…” (A.K.A. “Hay Koi Hum Jaisa”). Wishing the Pakistani team good luck in their future endeavors; the crowd roared one last time before they said goodnight. And that was it, the End. The end to a magnificent, enchanting magical night!


Photographs Courtesy IBA’s own, The very talented, Taha Hasan. Check out his facebook Page:

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  • Saman Osmany

    Ah, this made me feel as if I was standing there in the crowds again. What a night :’)

  • Muhammad Raza Ayub

    A night worth reminiscing .

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