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Traveling to Pakistan

Nathiagali, where the mountains echoed

I recently got the opportunity to travel somewhere I never thought of going to. Shaped controversially by the media, I was quite hesitant to jump into a country I never experienced. Fear often places two hands over our eyes and blinds us from hidden opportunities. Before traveling, fear kept replaying the frightful imagery and headlines I’d consumed through international media. As ... Read More »

The Rickshaw Project

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“Adhoori si zindagi hai meri par udhaar par jeeta nahin jeena seekh liya hai main nay apni mushkilon say lar kar” Such are the thoughts of a disabled individual. One among several, shunned by society, willing to work, willing to overcome his barriers and succeed in life. Only in need of an avenue, a helping hand. The Rickshaw Project is ... Read More »

Living Karachi The Chinese Way


21st January 2015. After going through tonnes of difficulties and multitude of hassles, my flight from Guangzhou finally took off, and headed to a previously unheard of country, a country shrouded in mystery, a country the mention of which had haunted me for 3 months. The country I’m talking about is Pakistan. As I exited the Karachi airport I was ... Read More »

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