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Karachi Biennale 2017


When I entered the hall, it felt like I had stepped into another world; the art on the walls silently screaming, the sculptures and the sounds evoking a myriad of emotions. Karachi Biennale 2017 – a world of art and expression. At a time when Karachi is ranked among the worst cities of the world by the EIU (Economic Intelligence ... Read More »

Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi

Today, I touched the Arabian waters.

  My journey to Pakistan is a rather…special one. After 1 year of trying (due to certain circumstances) I finally set foot in Karachi on the morning of January 7th 2016. My stay here has not been very long but I feel as though this city, Karachi, has already grown on me. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; ... Read More »

THE ASCETIC PARADOX – Pure Sri Lankan Metal

Album art.
Image taken from

  “The forsaken die for salvation While the chosen reign on their thrones When will I learn? When my soul burns?” -  - An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop (Track 2) ‘The Ascetic Paradox’ is the 4th full-length album to be released by Sri Lankan Heavy Metal giants ‘STIGMATA’. The band made their emergence in the early 2000’s and ... Read More »



The universe in a constant state of flux. Everything is moving, changing, transforming; from the tiniest quark to the largest super cluster. There’s a sudden congestion, a momentary rather a bit persistent. That’s where my fear resides. Inside me, my very own body of which I was once proud off. I am expanding, layering, growing. Growing big, fat, obese. My ... Read More »

The Comical Side of Life


Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself I’m a Computer Science graduate and a professional Graphics Designer from Karachi. I am affiliated with a digital marketing agency, ‘The D-spot’ and I make a living by freelancing. This is the serious part of my life. The fun part is the page I run through which I have got a little fan-following ... Read More »

Travel Photography: Children Of Kashmir (By Shahzeb Younas)

I left the backyard area to join my friends. After walking away for about 30 seconds, I hear a shout out from behind, as I turn, I have this perfect moment awaiting to be captured

I was thinking of possible reasons why people like to travel and visit new places. Everyone looks so fresh in their travel pictures. There is a glow upon the face and happiness reflecting in the smile when I see a friend’s out-of-country picture. One obvious reason is that people get too tired of their current situation and life that they ... Read More »

Lord Y.A.L.E. (He Who Must Be Named)


You must have seen him around campus. With a contagiously impish grin  on his face, elfish ears, flaunting his leather bag. He stops after every few steps as he walks, to wave at or chat with a friend, but mostly to gorge on someone else’s food. Amidst a crowd of people who have an insatiable hunger for power, who want ... Read More »

In Focus: BM Photography


  “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt  Who doesn’t like to look beautiful in photos? Well, everybody does and this is exactly where good ... Read More »

15 Stages in the lives of Pakistani Artists.


 1. You start out young- maybe as a toddler with a box of crayons, just like everyone else your age. The only difference is they draw occasionally. You draw almost all day and night and never stop. You prefer it to TV or reading or practically anything else. 2. Eventually, other kids slowly stop drawing. You wonder why and keep at it. ... Read More »

From Creepy to Cute: Kinza and Aimen’s Truck Art Fetish!

The before and After post!

Aimen’s mom got a rugged, almost ghostly looking mirror from Karachi’s beloved, Saddar market. It was a tad eerie, ( Oh who am I kidding? it was downright creepy.), to be hung on a wall as a rugged abstract Wall Piece.   That’s when Aimen thought that my presence in her life could finally prove fruitful. I wanted it to ... Read More »

Timber by EMSIEN 3 Ltd BG