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As the world spins on its axis, Pakistan is tilted but still very much in existence. When the assemblies are dismissed, no-one pauses for even a millisecond to take a deeper breath.

The fault, 2013 arrives with booms and bangs and for once the country does not shudder and shake in their midst. These are fireworks, not bombs – and we have to curl our fingers inwards and press our fists tight against our ears to stop the end of this trail of thought, though the words manage to escape anyway – ... Read More »

The Necessity of Faith


As an individual as well as a species, humanity seems to be drawn towards religion; towards the need to believe in a higher entity that dictates our lives. Yet when one casts aside one’s own religio-centric ideas and observes religion simply as a belief in a higher entity/entities along with a pattern of behaviors meant to sway the decisions of ... Read More »

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