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THE ASCETIC PARADOX – Pure Sri Lankan Metal

Album art.
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  “The forsaken die for salvation While the chosen reign on their thrones When will I learn? When my soul burns?” -  - An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop (Track 2) ‘The Ascetic Paradox’ is the 4th full-length album to be released by Sri Lankan Heavy Metal giants ‘STIGMATA’. The band made their emergence in the early 2000’s and ... Read More »

Strings Concert MUNIK VI -The winter night that sizzled!

The Magic, Madness, and the Music! Oh, my Strings!-MUNIK Concert

“Aaaaachoooo…” Damn this sinus infection, why could it not have chosen another day other than today? Here I am supposed to be all geared up for Strings, but instead I am popping anti allergies, and generally being miserable. “I am gonna end up sleeping on my way to the concert. Oh yes…” Never did I have the slightest idea that It would ... Read More »

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