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The Green Cap or the White Coat?


Growing up in a cricket-crazed country where the game is followed like a religion, I was no different. For as long as I can remember, I have always imagined myself in that green kit playing for Pakistan someday. This wild fantasy started to take the shape of a dream that I, without realizing, started to chase very seriously, especially after ... Read More »

The Fallen Hero


“The captain has these sparkling yet focused eyes as he comes into bowl. After he gets a wicket he stands there with arms in the air and a roar of accomplishment, just like a lion would after pouncing upon his prey.”  The aforementioned words were being said by me for my Oral and Presentation Skills class on metaphors many years ... Read More »

Salman Ameer: IBA’s Run Machine


At first glance, you will never mistake him for a cricketer. Mildly built, no sign of tanning on his fair face, hair neatly combed back, supports a stubble that looks better if left as it is and a very quiet demeanor in which he goes about things. Though, Salman Ameer is anything but quiet when he gets down to business ... Read More »

Green vs Ourselves


Everyone had marked their calendars for this marquee event. I went to a gift shop the previous night and even they were selling the neon green shirts. It seemed this was our “Star Spangled Banner” for February the 15th. Most importantly, the battle royal and the much awaited match between Pakistan and India took place on a Sunday. I had ... Read More »

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 – Thunder Down Under


While some look forward to 14th February for the Valentine’s Day, the fraternity of cricket enthusiasts are desperately waiting to re-ignite their own love, Cricket! As 14 of the prominent Cricket playing nations lock horns on the fields of Australia and New Zealand in the 11th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup taking place from 14th of February to ... Read More »

IBA Sports League – Hall of Champions

IBA Sports League

“Where Talent Meets Opportunity and Where Players Achieve Dreams” On the road to success, opportunities are irretrievable. Every opportunity, no matter how small or big takes you one step closer to achieving your dreams, therefore when an opportunity presents itself, you must grasp it with both hands. As one of the best institutions in Pakistan, IBA recognizes its pivotal role ... Read More »

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