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Check Mate MUN

How-to-Win-Awards-in-Model-United-Nations-3D-E-Book-300px (1)

We will not dwell on or re-assert what has already been addressed by Humnah Faarooqui in her article on the Point of Pointless Debating. We will not even trouble ourselves with unnecessary questions like, why is it so impressive that people from ‘privileged’ backgrounds gather at universities to debate issues of the less than privileged factions of society. Debate about ... Read More »

MUN is not pointless! – The cover story rebuttal

"Dare I say that a MUNer today could be a diplomat walking the halls of the real UN tomorrow?"

The Model United Nations as a specific format of debate has been in existence since the 1950s. This simulation of the actual UN has emerged in the last 10 years to become one of the major debating platforms in Pakistan. Where there were very few such opportunities previously, the calendar year is now full with these conferences being held in every metropolitan city. It ... Read More »

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