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A Blackboard


Know that recurring feeling of wanting to crawl in a hole and die? Multiply that by a hundred – no, a thousand times – and you’ll just begin to grasp what I’m going through every single day.  Mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blue, green, brown, all kinds of eyes gazing at me, scowling away. It was downright exhausting. To have people staring intently ... Read More »

The Taxi Driver (Short Story)


It was just a normal day in the monotonous life of a taxi driver. People came, people left. But as the day ended, I remained where I was the day before, with only some measly earnings to show for all my work. For us drivers, the only salvation of the day was when we gathered at a cheap café just ... Read More »

A Fairytale Violence


  In my part of world, a princess never accidentally runs into her prince. It’s the king, the proud and loving father who looks all over the kingdom and beyond to find a perfect suitor for her little princess. I grew up dreaming about butterflies, unicorns and a prince charming that would come riding on his white horse to take ... Read More »

For The Love Of Fiction


  Is fiction a waste of time? We don’t need made-believe stories, some people argue. We need ‘solid’ disciples in our educational curriculum; history, science, logic – disciples that can translate into personal and professional success. Novels don’t help with real life, they say. I beg to differ. Stories are a tool of power. Wearing the guise of leisure, they ... Read More »

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