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IBA Olympics Cricket Final

cropped team pic

As the sun set, the atmosphere started to intensify. All the non-seriousness of the soap soccer that was staged there a while back started to wash away.  If you didn’t get the feeling there was a final to be played, you sure as hell started to feel the storm coming now. Players started to arrive in two varying shades of ... Read More »

Still Green


  Two games down and we are already putting the green shaded kit back into the suit case. Many might even have already made a mop out of it. For some reason we have already given up. I would like to differ. Its only 2 games down for the men in green shirts and we have already given up on ... Read More »

Hall of Champions, On and Off the Field!


The winter subsided and made way for the biggest sporting event in IBA’s prestigious history. The IBA Sports League 2015 kicked off in grand style on February 6th and went on for ten exciting, intense and roller coaster days. The lush green outfields and professional facilities awaited students from all over Karachi to display their skills. There was not a ... Read More »

Green vs Ourselves


Everyone had marked their calendars for this marquee event. I went to a gift shop the previous night and even they were selling the neon green shirts. It seemed this was our “Star Spangled Banner” for February the 15th. Most importantly, the battle royal and the much awaited match between Pakistan and India took place on a Sunday. I had ... Read More »

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