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Does your GPA matter?


GPA – this dreaded three-letter word can make or break the future of a student. GPA is that one number which separates you from the rest. It qualifies you for internships and defines how you spent the four most important years of your life. The bottom line is that it’s a pretty huge deal; at least that’s what we are ... Read More »

Anatomy of an IBA Event- An Excerpt from ISC IBA Yearbook

“We can pin the posters to the notice-board, with a COMPASS instead of pins!” says Event Head # 4. Everyone likes the idea.

1. After elections die down, the society heads put on their thinking caps and try to come up with an event and its launch. For the purpose of illustration, we will make up a society, called Math Appreciation Society, and make up an event, called “Tests of Genius 1.0” which is basically a math test, but you pay the event ... Read More »

Strings Concert MUNIK VI -The winter night that sizzled!

The Magic, Madness, and the Music! Oh, my Strings!-MUNIK Concert

“Aaaaachoooo…” Damn this sinus infection, why could it not have chosen another day other than today? Here I am supposed to be all geared up for Strings, but instead I am popping anti allergies, and generally being miserable. “I am gonna end up sleeping on my way to the concert. Oh yes…” Never did I have the slightest idea that It would ... Read More »

From Creepy to Cute: Kinza and Aimen’s Truck Art Fetish!

The before and After post!

Aimen’s mom got a rugged, almost ghostly looking mirror from Karachi’s beloved, Saddar market. It was a tad eerie, ( Oh who am I kidding? it was downright creepy.), to be hung on a wall as a rugged abstract Wall Piece.   That’s when Aimen thought that my presence in her life could finally prove fruitful. I wanted it to ... Read More »

IBA Sports League – Hall of Champions

IBA Sports League

“Where Talent Meets Opportunity and Where Players Achieve Dreams” On the road to success, opportunities are irretrievable. Every opportunity, no matter how small or big takes you one step closer to achieving your dreams, therefore when an opportunity presents itself, you must grasp it with both hands. As one of the best institutions in Pakistan, IBA recognizes its pivotal role ... Read More »

The Point of Pointless Debating-Why do I hate MUN conferences?

MUN 2010, Committee Sessions

If we consider the history and evolution of Model United Nations – a simulation of UN meetings with discussions over various current geopolitical issues, we will come to know just how hard and long people work to come up with complete nonsense. Dear Nation, a pestilence is upon us, a plague of nonsensical rubbish, because as we know, despite its ... Read More »

IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

Dirty politics

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles It is not a revelation, nor has it just dawned upon me a few minutes ago. Soon after I came to IBA I realized that my creativity is not relevant even for the creative departments in most societies at IBA. I can list down many events that ... Read More »

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