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Karachi Biennale 2017


When I entered the hall, it felt like I had stepped into another world; the art on the walls silently screaming, the sculptures and the sounds evoking a myriad of emotions. Karachi Biennale 2017 – a world of art and expression. At a time when Karachi is ranked among the worst cities of the world by the EIU (Economic Intelligence ... Read More »

The Curious Incident of the Bazaar in the Night Time


When you first enter Thursday Bazaar, you stumble upon the uneven ground. The chorus of cumin, turmeric, chili powder mixes with the sights of sprigs of coriander in calloused hands, blue and white flowers on a dupatta, battered old books, and banana leaves in empty crates. The bazaar lives through its rhythm of cacophonous disorder. Pressed into the ground are ... Read More »

Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi

Today, I touched the Arabian waters.

  My journey to Pakistan is a rather…special one. After 1 year of trying (due to certain circumstances) I finally set foot in Karachi on the morning of January 7th 2016. My stay here has not been very long but I feel as though this city, Karachi, has already grown on me. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; ... Read More »

That Other Side of the Bridge


With a disclaimer attached for the fitness freaks, who may collapse at the sight of the oil laden kebabs and syrup dripping Gulab Jamuns available at Burns Road, home to the iconic Karachi Haleem. Even with the relatively sheltered life I led, I was fortunate enough to be awarded with regular visits to this street, as opposed to my friends ... Read More »

Living Karachi The Chinese Way


21st January 2015. After going through tonnes of difficulties and multitude of hassles, my flight from Guangzhou finally took off, and headed to a previously unheard of country, a country shrouded in mystery, a country the mention of which had haunted me for 3 months. The country I’m talking about is Pakistan. As I exited the Karachi airport I was ... Read More »

To Karachi, With Love


It’s enigmatic, it’s aggressive, it’s enchanting, it’s scandalous, it’s vibrant, it’s magical – it’s yours. Karachi. The City with many names: Krokola, Kolachi, Karachi; the city where the impossible becomes possible, where past hostilities are overruled in the favor of fun and gaiety of the present. A metropolitan stretch of land with a spectacular array of massive buildings built randomly, ... Read More »

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