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Trump, Clinton & The Media: 7 Underrated Quotes From US Elections 2016


The US Elections 2016 have drawn to a dystopian climax, and everyone’s newsfeed is overflowing with sentiments ranging from disbelief, suicide, and maniacal mirth. In other completely unrelated news: the Canadian immigration website has reportedly crashed for some reason. This leads us here in Pakistan to an interesting retrospective view of these past months. The media’s version of the US ... Read More »

The Fallen Hero


“The captain has these sparkling yet focused eyes as he comes into bowl. After he gets a wicket he stands there with arms in the air and a roar of accomplishment, just like a lion would after pouncing upon his prey.”  The aforementioned words were being said by me for my Oral and Presentation Skills class on metaphors many years ... Read More »

Finding Grey


Any dictionary would give you very different meanings to the words ‘hypocrite’, ‘politically correct’ and ‘pragmatist’; however I feel these words are often used interchangeably in today’s world. I took a course last semester, it told a lot about how languages are formed and how they transform over time. Much like human beings they are living breathing creatures, much like ... Read More »

A Day in the Patriarchal Republic of Pakistan


  Disclaimer: What follows is about a man and a woman alone in a vehicle: are you sure you want to read further? The heavy clouds of grey smoke are not enough to shield me from the piercing eyes of the rickshaw driver. No- he is not a Pathan, or a Sindhi, or whatever ethnicity you are prejudiced against. His ... Read More »


As the world spins on its axis, Pakistan is tilted but still very much in existence. When the assemblies are dismissed, no-one pauses for even a millisecond to take a deeper breath.

The fault, 2013 arrives with booms and bangs and for once the country does not shudder and shake in their midst. These are fireworks, not bombs – and we have to curl our fingers inwards and press our fists tight against our ears to stop the end of this trail of thought, though the words manage to escape anyway – ... Read More »

Living Karachi The Chinese Way


21st January 2015. After going through tonnes of difficulties and multitude of hassles, my flight from Guangzhou finally took off, and headed to a previously unheard of country, a country shrouded in mystery, a country the mention of which had haunted me for 3 months. The country I’m talking about is Pakistan. As I exited the Karachi airport I was ... Read More »

Travel Photography: Children Of Kashmir (By Shahzeb Younas)

I left the backyard area to join my friends. After walking away for about 30 seconds, I hear a shout out from behind, as I turn, I have this perfect moment awaiting to be captured

I was thinking of possible reasons why people like to travel and visit new places. Everyone looks so fresh in their travel pictures. There is a glow upon the face and happiness reflecting in the smile when I see a friend’s out-of-country picture. One obvious reason is that people get too tired of their current situation and life that they ... Read More »

23rd March: A Romantic Narrative or an Ideological Conundrum?


The 23rd of March marks the day when Pakistan as an ideology came into existence. It was the day when the political rhetoric of the first ideological Muslim state became the official axiom of the Muslim league. Historically, Muslim League emerged as the sole Muslim representative party after the famous 1940 jalsa in Lahore, claiming to be the only chance ... Read More »

To Karachi, With Love


It’s enigmatic, it’s aggressive, it’s enchanting, it’s scandalous, it’s vibrant, it’s magical – it’s yours. Karachi. The City with many names: Krokola, Kolachi, Karachi; the city where the impossible becomes possible, where past hostilities are overruled in the favor of fun and gaiety of the present. A metropolitan stretch of land with a spectacular array of massive buildings built randomly, ... Read More »

Lord Y.A.L.E. (He Who Must Be Named)


You must have seen him around campus. With a contagiously impish grin  on his face, elfish ears, flaunting his leather bag. He stops after every few steps as he walks, to wave at or chat with a friend, but mostly to gorge on someone else’s food. Amidst a crowd of people who have an insatiable hunger for power, who want ... Read More »

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