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Rant No. 1001: Pakistani Weddings


I’m a heterogenous mixture of sixty percent introvert and forty percent extrovert. That means I’m moody when it comes to interacting with people. At weddings, it’s my sixty percent that takes control. Consequently, I avoid socializing with people I don’t really know (or want to know) more often than not. So, imagine my horror, when suddenly almost everyone I meet ... Read More »

Alone at the Movies: “Moor” (2015)

moor 1

(Caution: Spoilers Ahead!) My story is one of confusion, an eternally ambiguous tale about the events of my life and how they cumulated into making me a man desperate for change. To cast further light on this and explain these numerous events would make for an interesting read but would prove diverging from the main point of this article. The ... Read More »

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