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The universe in a constant state of flux. Everything is moving, changing, transforming; from the tiniest quark to the largest super cluster. There’s a sudden congestion, a momentary rather a bit persistent. That’s where my fear resides. Inside me, my very own body of which I was once proud off. I am expanding, layering, growing. Growing big, fat, obese. My ... Read More »

Gynecomastia and A Maddened Siren Song on a Rainy Night


Gynecomastia, they scribble down in the medical report – the sole clinic in town – Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, on sheets of paper. ‘Your son’s got this’, Dr. Dilbar and assistant tell Zeena, my mother, ‘a disorder, you see.’ Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, them, scribbling down. I can scarce pronounce it, Gy-ne-co-mas-tia, but perhaps it is apt, that this swell should be as inscrutable, disorderly as ... Read More »

Poetry: 50 Shades Of…..Never mind.


She’s surprised The Internet broke Over black or white But doesn’t know This isn’t really a recent fight It goes back Way back To the day in history When the colour of your face Could mean life long misery When buses had aisles For the light and the dark When daddy would take his li’l boys To see a lynching ... Read More »

You stood back up (poetry) – Ilsa Rashid


They turned your churches  Into piles of rubble  But you never lost faith. They buried you under  Your own mosques  But you never forgot to pray. They took away Who you loved the most And saw you wilt And under the weight of grief But you stood back up To their dismay. Read More »

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