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As the world spins on its axis, Pakistan is tilted but still very much in existence. When the assemblies are dismissed, no-one pauses for even a millisecond to take a deeper breath.

The fault, 2013 arrives with booms and bangs and for once the country does not shudder and shake in their midst. These are fireworks, not bombs – and we have to curl our fingers inwards and press our fists tight against our ears to stop the end of this trail of thought, though the words manage to escape anyway – ... Read More »

Solid Questions and Intelligent Arguments


  I am almost nearing my third year of undergraduate studies from one of the top business institutes of South Asia, and recently I’ve been forced to ask myself this question: Do I understand Pakistan’s economy, not on paper, but what it is for real? Do we, as educated university graduates, understand the motives behind the economic policies pursued by ... Read More »

IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

Dirty politics

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles It is not a revelation, nor has it just dawned upon me a few minutes ago. Soon after I came to IBA I realized that my creativity is not relevant even for the creative departments in most societies at IBA. I can list down many events that ... Read More »

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