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Alone at the Movies: “Moor” (2015)

moor 1

(Caution: Spoilers Ahead!) My story is one of confusion, an eternally ambiguous tale about the events of my life and how they cumulated into making me a man desperate for change. To cast further light on this and explain these numerous events would make for an interesting read but would prove diverging from the main point of this article. The ... Read More »

BOOK REVIEW: “A Million Little Pieces” By James Frey


This was the most poignant book I have ever come across in my entire readership journey. James Frey, the author, was a raging alcoholic in real life and has spent significant time in rehab after which he wrote this book, about just that. The book starts off with him being a total mess, physically and mentally. After that the books takes us onto ... Read More »

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