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Anatomy of an IBA Event- An Excerpt from ISC IBA Yearbook

“We can pin the posters to the notice-board, with a COMPASS instead of pins!” says Event Head # 4. Everyone likes the idea.

1. After elections die down, the society heads put on their thinking caps and try to come up with an event and its launch. For the purpose of illustration, we will make up a society, called Math Appreciation Society, and make up an event, called “Tests of Genius 1.0” which is basically a math test, but you pay the event ... Read More »

IBA: Underlying Politics, Undermining Talent

Dirty politics

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles It is not a revelation, nor has it just dawned upon me a few minutes ago. Soon after I came to IBA I realized that my creativity is not relevant even for the creative departments in most societies at IBA. I can list down many events that ... Read More »

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