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The Curious Incident of the Bazaar in the Night Time


When you first enter Thursday Bazaar, you stumble upon the uneven ground. The chorus of cumin, turmeric, chili powder mixes with the sights of sprigs of coriander in calloused hands, blue and white flowers on a dupatta, battered old books, and banana leaves in empty crates. The bazaar lives through its rhythm of cacophonous disorder. Pressed into the ground are ... Read More »

Traveling to Pakistan

Nathiagali, where the mountains echoed

I recently got the opportunity to travel somewhere I never thought of going to. Shaped controversially by the media, I was quite hesitant to jump into a country I never experienced. Fear often places two hands over our eyes and blinds us from hidden opportunities. Before traveling, fear kept replaying the frightful imagery and headlines I’d consumed through international media. As ... Read More »

Jakarta, Melbourne, Karachi

Today, I touched the Arabian waters.

  My journey to Pakistan is a rather…special one. After 1 year of trying (due to certain circumstances) I finally set foot in Karachi on the morning of January 7th 2016. My stay here has not been very long but I feel as though this city, Karachi, has already grown on me. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; ... Read More »

Sara Akbar -Turkey


  Travelling makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are, and how big the world is. So just explore, set yourself free, fight with your fears, make new friends across the globe, watch sunsets with your loved ones and learn the secrets of life. Summer 2015, my first solo trip to Turkey through AIESEC gave me a chance ... Read More »

Travel Photography: Children Of Kashmir (By Shahzeb Younas)

I left the backyard area to join my friends. After walking away for about 30 seconds, I hear a shout out from behind, as I turn, I have this perfect moment awaiting to be captured

I was thinking of possible reasons why people like to travel and visit new places. Everyone looks so fresh in their travel pictures. There is a glow upon the face and happiness reflecting in the smile when I see a friend’s out-of-country picture. One obvious reason is that people get too tired of their current situation and life that they ... Read More »

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