The Taxi Driver (Short Story)

The Taxi Driver (Short Story)

It was just a normal day in the monotonous life of a taxi driver.

People came, people left.

But as the day ended, I remained where I was the day before, with only some measly earnings to show for all my work. For us drivers, the only salvation of the day was when we gathered at a cheap café just off the corner.

The café was filled with low-lives like us and people hiding out. We just talked, about our respective days and the weird yet amusing people we chanced upon that particular day.

One such day, while we were sitting there, a passenger came looking for a ride. What followed was a game of Odd-Eve to determine who would go and miss out on all of the fun – and with my luck, it was always me.

I drove the passenger, still thinking and smiling about the shenanigans back at the café. But as I reached back, I stopped my car in disbelief. Where there used to be a café, there was now ash and fire and dust.

Where there used to be my salvation and hope, there was NOTHING.


(The author is a 13-year-old guest writer from Pune, India)

About The Author

Anuj Khare: A highly anthropophobic teenager whose life largely revolves around school, sleep and Game of Thrones.
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