Trump, Clinton & The Media: 7 Underrated Quotes From US Elections 2016

Trump, Clinton & The Media: 7 Underrated Quotes From US Elections 2016

The US Elections 2016 have drawn to a dystopian climax, and everyone’s newsfeed is overflowing with sentiments ranging from disbelief, suicide, and maniacal mirth. In other completely unrelated news: the Canadian immigration website has reportedly crashed for some reason.

This leads us here in Pakistan to an interesting retrospective view of these past months. The media’s version of the US elections so far, have falsely led us to believe Hillary Clinton was the leading candidate.

Case in point:


(Source: Wallstreet Journal, June 2016)

Here’s a more recent poll from Real Clear Politics:


and then there’s the current situation:



The collective populations of Facebook and Twitter feel cheated. All those hundreds of hours of Donald Trump Meme sharing, SNL episodes, Buzzfeed articles…was the election coverage a media-run sham? Was Donald Trump…right?



Seriously though…?



Were we duped by his Cheeto colored spray tan, incoherent debate answers, questionable racial policies and beaver-like hair?

Was Donald Trump “The truth speaking sensible candidate” the whole time?


To be fair, the role of media in this election has been fairly criticized by both sides of the election–remember Marco Rubio?



And Bernie Sanders?



While many major media houses like Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, New York Times and CNN were vocal about their distaste for Donald Trump, it seems like the media in general partook in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Case in point this Simpson’s episode aired in 2000:


By giving attention to Donald Trump’s evil, they ultimately gave attention to his campaign. Unfortunately for the media, they were relying on the people of America to make rational choices. And as a post 2012 Imran Khan would remind them: humans don’t really work that way.

And once again, Donald is the realistic, rational, voice of reason when he says:


We hear you Donald.

Meanwhile, Hillary is probably still laughing over this highly detailed psychic vision she had in 2015:



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