The World Cup Song

The World Cup Song

The Cricket World Cup is here once again and as usual, the nation has faced some major disappointments. How do they expect us to perform well with half of the team injured? Though there isn’t much that the fit players have been able to do either. *cries*

However, another major disappointment which we have already faced is the World Cup song by Coke studio, ‘Phir se Game utha dain’. Honestly, after the amazing seasons of Coke studio and all the songs that they have produced one after the other, this one was a big setback. As Coke studio fans and, more importantly, as cricket maniacs, Pakistanis expected a better song. We deserve a better song; one that we can dance to every time Shahid Afridi hits a six, one that we can sing along to as the stadium fills up with cheers after Mohammad Irfan takes one wicket after the other! Okay, I agree that both instances occur quite infrequently but is this not what this game is about? Is this not what this nation has grown used to? And that is exactly why we needed an up-beat, loud song for it is not about how many times our victory song is played, it is about how wild we can go at the times when it does go on.

For instance, during the Pakistan and India match screening at IBA, the song being played by a few enthusiastic students who had gone through the pain of waking up at 8 am on a weekend (Yes, I was one of them) was the Indian song ‘Day Ghuma keh’, instead of ‘Phir se Game utha dain’. As if the defeat was not enough to humiliate us on our poor performance already.

We deserve a better song; one that we can dance to every time Shahid Afridi hits a six, one that we can sing along to as the stadium fills up with cheers after Mohammad Irfan takes one wicket after the other!

Another major issue with the song is its video. First of all, cricket in Pakistan is not about four teenagers watching the match together on a roof. I understand that Coke has a calm and cool image but the context should be kept in mind as well. Secondly, there is too much focus on Amna Shaikh. Yes, she is a very popular actress but should not have the girl in pink and black been more in focus since she was the one who was actually singing? The only pleasant thing about the song was probably the opening where Javed Miandad says ‘the world is coming down’ in his adorable voice.

Some may argue that the song brings back memories of 1992 but I say it is time to move on. The song Who Rules the World’ was perfect for 1992 and it created the perfect environment when Imran Khan held that Cup up. But isn’t Coke Studio known for its originality? And anyway, songs don’t determine the result of any competition. Otherwise, Pakistan would have won the Cup when ‘Hai koi ham jaisa’ by Strings was released. (Why haven’t more songs like that come out, by the way?)

Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed that our cricket team finally decides to perform better than our music industry. Till then, happy listening!


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  • Hassan Bukhari

    I am one of those who are of the opinion that most of coke studio is okayish(not great) but this is nowhere near a bad song. The fact that so many celebrities are shown brings a sense of togetherness. The name coke studio is probably there just for marketing purposes. It does bring the 1992 memories, and the fact that they took got the rights to reproduce this makes this attempt far more appreciable. There could have been a better song made, yes, but since all we have been doing is reminiscing, this is just perfect and a singer from our generation singing it connects the dots perfectly!

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